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  • Bee Happy Tea Cosy


    This fanciful tea cosy is covered with bees on a honeycomb background.  Made in the United Kingdom by Samuel Lamont. This will have your tea table buzzing with happy thoughts!

  • Birds of a Feather Tea Cosy


    Birds of a Feather really do flock together! Made in England by Roy Kirkham, this tea cosy is a great gift for a bird lover.  Birds cover the light cream background of this tea cosy with light blue piping along the bottom. Machine washable.

  • Books Tea Cozy


    This tea cozy is made in Maryland and machine washable. It features a saying from C.S. Lewis, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” It also shows two books with a cup of tea stacked on top.

  • Butcher Stripe Blue Tea Cosy


    This Butcher Stripe blue tea cosy is made in the classic blue and white style.  Made in the United Kingdom. A beautiful addition to any table.

  • Butterfly Garden Tea Cosy


    A swarm of butterflies flutter over the light cream background of this tea cosy made in England by Roy Kirkham.  Made from 100% cotton and filled with polyester batting, this tea cosy will keep your tea warm while your thoughts flutter by!

  • Butterfly Life Tea Cosy


    This beautiful tea cosy from McCaw Allen of Northern Ireland features butterfies and flowers. The fanciful flight of the butterfies on this tea cozy add a vibrance to the overall pattern.
    Made of 100% cotton and filled with a polyester filling to help keep your tea warmer longer.

  • Cafe Riverside Tea Cosy


    Soft blue tones with a hint of green and white whimsical flowers cover this tea cosy designed by Julie Dodsworth. Made in Northern Ireland by Samuel Lamont, this tea cosy is easy on the eyes and will keep you pot of tea warm.

  • Chicken Shaped Tea Cosy


    If you enjoy getting up with the chickens to have your cup of tea, this is the tea cozy for you! Speckled Maran Hens cover the sage grey fabric that also features a few eggs scattered around. Sure to be a hit in any country kitchen. Fits over a large 4 cup teapot.

  • Five A Day Tea Cosy


    Highlighting fruits and vegetables , this cotton tea cosy is a gentle reminder about a balanced diet. Made in Northern Ireland by the Samuel Lamont group, this tea cosy is nice and plump to keep your tea warm.

  • Garden Birds Tea Cosy


    This tea cosy designed by Emma Ball for Samuel Lamonte is definitely for the birds! Made in Northern Ireland of 100% cotton, this is sure to brighten your tea table any day of the week. This tea cosy is sized for your larger teapots.

  • Hen House Tea Cosy


    Happy chickens are pecking away on the light blue background of this tea cosy from Samuel Lamont.  Made in the United Kingdom.

  • Hey Little Hen Tea Cosy


    Sized to fit over a large 4 cup teapot, Hey Little Hen has a whimsical and colorful pattern of leaves and berries scattered on a white background. Made in Northern Ireland by Samuel Lamont, this tea cosy is another design from Julie Dodsworth.